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The Connecticut Explorer's Guide Trail Maps.
Trails are both a way to be found and a way to become lost. Some look for trails to find their way back home while others hike on trails to leave the burdens of life behind. The use of trails is up to the individual.
When creating our trail maps, we use thin red lines to represent trails that do not have marked blazes. The colored trails are closely matched with the actual color of the blazes marked on the trees leading the pathway. These trails are overlayed on USGS topographic maps using National Geographic TOPO! software.
We have already mapped out hundreds of miles of trails within Connecticut. There are trails representing hiking, biking, climbing, paddling, and camping. These trail maps can be used to create impressive multi-sport adventures all over the state. For printing these trails, right click over the desired map and click on "save picture as". At this point, the trail map will be saved onto your computer as if it is a very large digital photograph. You may either print the trail map as is (will appear very small on 8X11 paper) or you may use photo-editing software to crop the image into several printable 8X11 maps. All of these trails are also available for personal download if using either TOPO! software, TOPO! Explorer software, or a GPS. If interested in downloading trails, please see the About page.