About Connecticut Explorer's Guide
CTXGuide.Com uses the National Geographic TOPO! map making software by extended user agreement to create all of it's detailed topographic maps.
Connecticut Explorer's Guide supports the National Geographic Society's mission to increase global understanding and promote conservation of our planet through exploration, research, and education.
Connecticut Explorer's Guide is a comprehensive outdoor adventure resource featuring free online maps and guides. We strive to provide our users with the best resources available including our own in-house topo maps. We also provide hundreds of links to local maps and resources to make planning your next excursion much easier. Our adventure forum now has informative articles and content.
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The new Topo! Explorer website and software is up and running. This site takes the place of the old mapXchange with countless trails and outdoor adventure resources all over the United States. Trail downloads throughout the USA are available.
You may now download GPS waypoint and route data for any of the trails posted as maps on CTXGuide. Follow this link to the new National Geographic TOPO! Explorer website for the downloads. You may also request GPX data or MapSource files via the ctxguide email, we will respond to the request with a file attachment for your personal use only.
You may click the links below to purchase National Geographic TOPO! software.