Connecticut, Whitewater, Sea, Kayaking, Canoeing, Map
Connecticut Whitewater and Sea Kayaking, Canoeing, and Paddling Map
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Map created with TOPO! copyright 2006 National Geographic
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Paddle sports can be dangerous and is always done at the risk of the paddler. Water conditions can change based on temperature, rainfall, tide, snow-melt, obstructions and submerged debris. Weather conditions, including lightning, can make paddlesport safety a very subjective concept. Always paddle to your ability and use well maintained devices and appropriate equipment.
The maps were created based on perfect conditions and information available at the time. Conditions may change creating unexpected dangers or unnavigatable waters. Please check with local paddling clubs, shops, or organizations to determine safety and runnable conditions.
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Fisher's Island
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Great Island
Norwalk Islands
Thimble Islands
Nell's Island
Note: The sea kayaking routes are for awareness only and are not meant for navigation.
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