Cockaponset, Hubbard Road, State Forest, Connecticut, Hiking, Trail, Map
Hubbard Road Section
Ratings Explained: The ratings are based on mountain biking difficulty and may also translate to hiking and horseback riding difficulty in most cases. The ratings do not take into consideration how steep and strenuous the trails may be, only the difficulty of the traveling surface; 0 rated trails are smooth and easily traveled, X rated trails are on the lower end of technical difficulty with a few rocks and roots to maneuver around, XX rated trails are quite difficult requiring at least intermediate level skills to maneuver around very rocky and root infested sections with possible off canter balancing, and XXX rated trails are extremely difficult trails that are impossible for most mountain bikers excluding a few master riders.
The thin red trails represent unmarked trails while the thick red trails represent trails with a red blaze. All other colored trails represent the color of the blaze.
This section of Cockaponset State Forest lacks scenic enjoyment. Its kind of a scruffy forest with trails that have been cut and overused by ATV's and dirt-bikes regardless of their barred use. The stretch of land under the power lines is littered with 4X4 parts and remnants of beer binging parties. Ironically, this is also an area filled with wildlife (deer, large turkey flock, and a bald eagle). There are no restrooms at this area.
Trail Descriptions
AT&T Trail (Orange): Mostly X rated, but many areas are XX for it's difficult ruts and rocky hills. Follows and unscenic utility trail above an intercontinental cable.
Crimson Trail (Red): Mostly X rated with a few XX obstacles over loose terrain.
Big Legs Trail: XX rating for rutted loose terrain and steep hills.
Red Connector: X rated with loose terrain.
Hemlock Ridge Trail: X rated remote singletrack with a few XX sections. This trail was originally cut by a motorbike, but it is significantly less abused than most of the other trails. There is a XXX ridge along western part of trail.
Highway Trail: Fast doubletrack rated X.
Bonsai Trail: X rated singletrack with a few XX spots. Not overused.
Nowhere Trail: An X rated dead-end trail with a few XX sections.
Gold Trail (Yellow): Fast X rated trail without abuse.
Corral Loop: Fast X rated trail terminating at a private horse corral.
Short Loop: X rated trail.
Brook Trail: Fast X rated trail terminating at private land.
Powerline Cut-Off: Fast X rated trail with a XX stream crossing.